Sherman’s In the Beginning

OLD SHERMAN PICS 2015b deli 11666313_1243872605638282_7623932075696167879_nOLD SHERMAN PICS Charles 2015

Charles & Rosalea Sherman opened Sherman’s Grocery Store in 1947 on the corner of South Main Street and Reed Road.  While it originally opened as a neighborhood grocery and meat market, they also provided their customers with delicious desserts, charge accounts and home delivery service.

In the late 1950’s Charles Sherman Sr. opened a deli in the rear of the store, which once served as the small apartment where he and Rosalea lived.   In 1970, Charles, Jr. returned from college to the family business, ran the deli and assisted his father in managing the grocery store.

Charles, Jr. and his wife then bought the grocery and deli from his parents in 1978. In October of 1984, Charles, Jr. decided to change the family business into a full-time lunch and dinner restaurant.  In June of 1985, Sherman’s Restaurant was born, with his family’s blessing.

In 2012, Charles, Jr. decided to retire for more time to spend with family and especially his 3 grandchildren.  He sold the restaurant to a local family,  Peter & Allison Nimrod.  Peter, a civil engineer and Allison, a business owner are both long time residents of Greenville where they are raising their three children.

One thought on “Sherman’s In the Beginning

  1. What an awesome experience! We celebrated my mom’s birthday at Sherman’s. The food was great and service was even better. They even found a cake I requested that wasn’t on the menu. Brittney, one of the waitress, was amazing. She anticipated all our needs with a smile. Everyone on the staff was professional and courteous. Kudos to the entire team!


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